Here's To Life!
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Here's To Life!

Livestream link: On Sunday October the 18th at 6pm (GMT+3), I will be organising a celebration of life. A thank you to HelsinkiMissio for saving me when I had nowhere else to turn. Please join me in raising money and awareness for an incredible foundation I wouldn't be here without. In 2018, I called in sick to work and called an organisation my friend had told me about. I told them what I was feeling: that I didn't know what to do with myself anymore; I was exhausted working a draining job where I wasn't appreciated; I couldn't enjoy anything I had previously felt a passion for; and couldn't continue living in a world where I had nothing worth living for. As I let these emotions out, I was listened to. I was understood. They heard my cries for help and told I could come in right away, tomorrow, whenever works best for me. At this point I had been suffering from depression for 10 years - would I be experiencing it for 10 more years? Maybe for my entire life? It's exhausting feeling so low for so long, and sometimes we can only take so much until we decide something needs to be done. As I came in, I just talked. The counselor listened to me... like, actually listened! My feelings and emotions were valid, and that this wasn't an uncommon experience in life. I met with her firstly twice a week, then once a week, until I was put into the healthcare system and able to go on this journey with the skills they had provided me with. I really appreciated their ability to progress themselves as counselors. Mine had noticed that she hadn't addressed the feelings she felt that I needed to talk about, took her mistakes into consideration, and made sure to work harder to listen and recognise those real crucial moments that need to be heard. After I left HelsinkiMissio and was in the hands of the healthcare system, I quickly learned my journey was nowhere near over, but I wouldn't be here today without the skills and courage I had gained from the youth-crisis support service at HelsinkiMissio. They save lives. I hospitalised myself twice in 2019 by going into the emergency unit of Meilahti hospital and stating that if I went home, I would end my life. I was admitted to the Aurora Hospital psychiatric unit both times. Upon leaving the unit a second time in October 2019, I recorded a DJ mix titled Fresh Out the Ward as soon as I got home. This creative outlet started my rebirth, and since then have returned to it to listen to the emotions I felt at the time I made it. This livestream date is a one-year anniversary of the beginning of my new life. A life I love and appreciate dearly. Here's to life! - Sam <3

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Here's To Life!
Sam Williams
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